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Imam Ali Mustofa for WebX DAO

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The WebXGuild Chronicles - #01C03: The Quest for Auto-Pilot

Enter another character, the storyteller himself—Imam Ali Mustofa, known as "darkterminal." Imam surprises everyone with a thesis that delves into the depths of EventHub, painting a vivid picture of its futuristic potential. The idea of creating an "auto-pilot" experience captures the imagination of Vincent and his comrades.

Vincent realizes the significance of GitHub as the foundation, recognizing the wealth of features and the power of the platform. He contemplates the advantages of staying within the GitHub ecosystem, where queries and discussions are recorded, making information easily accessible and discoverable. The path forward becomes clearer—a symphony of collaboration, rooted in the very heart of GitHub.

DISCLAIMER: This content was made via Google Translate (an AI tool used to translate languages, you may have forgotten so I reminded it). Why should there be this disclaimer? Because I always considered ChatGPT!!!

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