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How I got comfortable with Javascript as a newbie

Which programming language to pick?

So you decide to get into web development and wonder which language you want to learn to code in, let me help you out.. The answer is straight forward, pick Javascript.
NB: There are 2 kinds of programmers, the ones that type in JavaScript and the ones who type in Javascript. Pick one!

Why Javascript, why not xyz language?

So it's a well know fact that the modern web is filled with multiple technologies, Javascript happens to be on in every single nook and cranny of the world wide web, so speak the language of the land you want to be a part of, you can always learn other languages later on.

Learning programming is not a linear progression, you won't get far following a step-wise learning approach, personally it doesn't work for me.
If you want to build a chat application,you don't learn the C programming language, then python, then Data Structures and Algorithms... you build a chat application, find out how to build one, what technologies are used and then get to work on that, linear progression in programming is a myth and doing 1000 different programming tutorials, ticking things off one by one in an imaginary check list of 'programming topics' you made isn't going to work.

Having said that, Javascript is a must for any aspiring web developer and it is amazing how you can learn one language and pick up the fullstack as you get more experience!

Javascript can be challenging but trust me the quirks of the language are awesome and the community of developers are so amazing, there's always help available to those that seek it.

How to learn Javascript?

Personally, the best resource for me to learn Javascript was this course by Bogdan Stashchuk and get a good understanding of most of the core features like

  • ES5 syntax
  • ES6 syntax
  • Callback functions
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Javascript engine and how it functions

For months I struggled with a slew of tutorials, code alongs and what-not until I saw this course and trust me, the name Javascript Bible is no understatement.

I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by Bogdan or Udemy, I just know this course is awesome and it helped me go from 0-100 in 4 months. I am confident of my Javascript skills and am always learning more, but my understanding of the internals of the language is all thanks to Bogdan's course!

My learning path in the last 5-months

So I wanted to share my learning path for web development with whoever comes across this article and is interested or wants some clarity on where to start..

  1. Have a project in mind! don't just learn code to be a coder, that's vague.
  2. Look at what tools and technologies are being used to create such applications.
  3. Do a code along an create that exact thing, it's okay if you don't understand, when you're confused, you're mind is learning!
  4. Now that you know the moving parts involved to build that application, get to work and start learning those skills.
  5. I wanted to build a website where I host my own tutorials and courses, even though I am a beginner but I want to put out free content for people to access.
  6. I looked at tutorials and code alongs of other experienced programmers and quickly understood that I wanted to learn node.js, react, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  7. Okay, then I got to work. I'm still learning, I'm on the react bit now! Then I'll get to node.js :D
  8. Be realistic and give yourself time to learn and absorb, you won't be a web developer in 4 months or 6 months, give your self time, everyone has a different learning approach find yours and be patient.

Where I learned from:

  • Javascript by Bogdan Stashchuk, complete all of it and practice everyday.
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, this is Mozilla's free-for-all Web development bootcamp, complete this and you're on your way. Trust me, this is the best resource to start and get a good understanding of the old and modern web landscape.
  • FullstackOpen 2021, once you are done with the previous parts and have built a couple of web pages, do this free-for-all fullstack modern web development course, it's organised by the University of Helsinki and the content is a contribution of experienced and awesome developers, namely Matti Luukkainen who is a professor at the University.
  • Documentation! Always read the docs, as you do the first two parts of my suggested material, it will become easier to read the docs.

Have fun, keep coding and be patient! Good things come to those who wait

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Prasham Ashesh

I'll try Bogdan's course looks promising! 🙌
I gave myself similar reasoning when sticking to JS. Every web dev will have to learn it anyway, why not master it. 😄 Though I am still far from being a master of JS 😅

webzth profile image

So true, everyday we learn a bit more and forget what we thought we knew haha that's javascript am i right?? .. best of luck @pracoon his course is solid!

pracoon profile image
Prasham Ashesh

True thing, I once wrote a draft on currying and today I am trying to recall how to do it 😅
I wish I had Sheldon's memory, some things would have been so easy career-wise. 😄