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What To Do If You Missed The GDPR Deadline?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect. It had created ripples much before its date of implementation. The implementation of GDPR not only marked the new chapter in data protection history in the EU. GDPR holds great importance for EU citizens both from personal and businesses data standpoint.

It is the biggest change that the EU citizens have witnessed ever since the Data Protection Act of 1998 was implemented. Through this Act, people will have greater control and choice over the personal data companies. The companies will also be more transparent in the process to comply with the GDPR Act.

Ever since the inception of GDPR companies had been busy making strategies to work in line with its directives. However, it takes days of planning and strategizing to create a process which is in compliant with the GDPR directives. In this process of preparation, few companies might miss the deadlines.

In case this deadline is missed there are still chances to recoup and come to the mainstream functioning.

  1. Consult the legal professionals about the situation of corrective measures that you can take in case of missing the deadlines. (This is not listed as a Legal Act though).
  2. Keep your privacy policy updated as per Legal recommends.
  3. Review and Update any pre-checked opt-in forms to skip the pre-check. Be specific by your language regarding the usage of the data that you have gathered.
  4. Discus with the vendors who can help in managing and collecting data about your targeted audience.
  5. Modify all your marketing software systems such as the email service for automatic GDPR help.
  6. Make your audience aware of the privacy policy changes (doesn’t matter even if you are running behind time)

If you are still not confident about your preparation to meet the GDPR compliance there is no need to panic as the new regulation is yet to be properly defined and resolved in case law and precedent. Moreover, experts have predicted that over half of all companies will not be able to fulfill the GDPR requirements and will not be fully compliant.

To achieve speedy GDPR compliance the organizations are recommended to focus on some high priority changes that they should make

Be specific in your role under the GDPR

It is imperative to monitor the behavior of the data subjects and for this purpose, there should a person designated to monitor the processing of personal data for the use of goods and services. As per the GDPR directives, there should be a representative or DPO appointed within every organization to take care of the data management. This person in charge will play a major role in preparing the company for the GDPR Readiness Assessment. The appointment of DPO can also be done through a third party service.

Set-up a well-defined and transparent process

Not every single process is identified which involves personal data. At the onset of every new processing activity, the data quality and data relevance should be well ensured. GDPR guideline mandates that every organization should take the responsibility and transparency in all the decision that they take regarding personal data processing. This also applies to the third-party companies that use and processes personal data.

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