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my portfolio i need some feedback on it

weptim profile image WEPUKHULU TIMOTHY ・1 min read

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i made my website i need some feedback

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Loouis Low • Edited

I can see the portfolio is that you created your own. I see a few cons, such as:

  • inconsistent spacing
  • typo has too many noises
  • overall design or page characteristics have less role or less exposure for each information. Each role the message should be strong and loud.

The pros are:

  • good contrast

Why don't you draft a mockup at Framer, maybe share it with us to collaborate it? Once you feel the design is ready, then you can start with the web development. This allows you to build muscle memory on how to craft precisely based on the mockup into coding.

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Mourad Sherif

It Is Good I Wanna Make Something Like this

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