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William McGonagle
William McGonagle

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🚧 What Would You Change About this Website?

I've been working on this non-profit for a while, and we just finished rebuilding the entire website. Before, it was in vanilla Javascript, HTML, and CSS, but now its a mix of Gatsby, Theme UI, and glorious Server-Side Rendering. It took a few weeks to complete this, but now that it is done, I'm super proud of the result- I just want to know what you think.

The New Website

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If you would like to help work on the project, you can drop a comment on this post and say that you would like to help.

And finally, make sure to comment what you like about the website or what you don't like. All of the functionality is there, so you can even create an account if you would like!

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Doaa Mahely

Hi William, great work on the website :) Some observations/suggestions:

  1. Sign up and login forms don't have any client side validation except the T&S checkbox
  2. It was a little disorienting not having the navbar in those pages, even though I see the Go Home button, my cursor automatically went to the nav
  3. The trending/recent/unanswered links in the Questions page have a different font from anything else on the website, not sure if this is intentional
  4. In the Question page, it might be better to show "This question doesn't have a description..." in a slightly lighter color since I feel it's pulling some focus without adding any value
  5. The design is very clean but personally, I think the homepage would benefit from an image :)

Also, I'm seeing constant 304 requests on /learn.

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JoelBonetR πŸ₯‡

/learn has an infinite loop of calls to fetch πŸ˜…

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William McGonagle

Don't forget to leave a comment on this post saying what you like or don't like!

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P.S. Napier

Design wise the landing page is very blank and austere and does not effectively communicate what the non-profit is or it's purpose. If I were clicking around the web and was directed to it I would assume it was a scam site.