Why You Should Stop Being Scared To Write A Blog Post.

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Blogging is one of the best ways to share with other people something you learned. One thing I always hear people say when I tell them to blog is that they are scared.

They're scared

  • they don't have anything new to say
  • that it might be wrong
  • that it won't be good enough
  • they don't know what to blog about

All of those are legit concerns! but before I get too far into writing this post I want to share this video by Will Smith on fear if you have time watch it and let me know what you think.

To sum the video up Will Smith says that basically before we even do something we let our mind build up all these scenarios that are negative and we start to even have physical pain.

But when we actually follow through with it we feel bliss and we wonder why we let ourselves get all worked up in the first place. There's no reason to be scared because nothing is actually happening. We get scared of what MIGHT happen.

The majority of the time those things don't even happen.

"The best things in life are on the other side of terror"

I'm not going to lie I "feel" a little fear writing this post but it won't stop me and I have been every time I posted a blog. My mind jumps to all the bad things people might say etc. But those things never happen. I'm not saying they won't but there's no reason to hold back from the world because of maybe's

I can always delete my post and try again it won't end my career.

Don't block your opportunities because of fear

Blogging and sharing knowledge and being helpful is one of the best things you can do for your career you never know where it can lead and while it may pose some risk to your ego maybe. But isn't landing your dream job worth the risk? Isn't building relationships with people you admire worth the risk?

If you're worried about writing new and novel that's not necessary the new and novel is YOU! You haven't written on this topic from your viewpoint before. I mean think about how many brands of water there is. If something as regular as water can have different versions. You can write another post on JavaScript array methods.

To quote another Will Smith line this was from "After Earth" I've only seen this movie once but this line stuck with me ever since.

Please watch this clip it's only 1:23

Fear is not real it's a product of our thoughts and imagination

I've been scared to do so many things like write blog posts, speak at meetups, be on podcasts, be on twitch streams, start a podcast, heck even tweeting people and much more but going through with all those things has lead to even more amazing opportunities and allowed me to meet more people.

If I would have listened to my thoughts I would have missed out on all the great things that come from taking those risks.

People love risk-takers, everyone you admire felt those same fears and will really respect you for following through despite them. That's a career hack on another level.

I'm not saying your fears aren't real, that anxiety doesn't exist or trolls who live to make people feel like crap don't exist.

But don't let those things hold you back from living your best life.

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Based on my own recent foray into blogging, I agree 100%. My very first post here on Dev I originally took down. What made me put it back up was, One person was having a similar issue, one I thought was just me stuck-on-stupid, and asked me to repost it. Unexpected! Freaked me out a bit to be honest. In my not too far past I used to joke that "Who would be interested in my crap, even I'm not interested in listening to me!"

Well, that One person was, and my 'travels through the problem' appears to have helped them. Who would have thought? I'm just glad I could give back a little for what I've received over the decades from the community.

I've found that this Dev community is very nurturing, especially for new arrivals. It helped cement my decision to get my own domain and proceed. Doesn't matter if you do it for your own notes for the future, as many do (one of my reasons), or whatever.

Just do it. Nobody Has to read anything you write if you do it for you. But you will be amazed at how many will eventually. Smile and move forward, the universe is a funny duck. 🤓


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Exactly Kelvin! Thank you for sharing that


The biggest problem for me isn't fear of publishing... it's a lack of a blog to publish it on.


The easiest thing to start with is write here or even in a blank GitHub repo with some markdown files.


Have you tried publishing right here?


Yes. Didn’t realize this counted!


This post is so good. You could apply the message to anything in life. Just an inspiring perspective.


I really appreciate you will. I wrote a blog the other day about my new MacBook Pro setup. I expected it to not be seen and had a literal panic attack thinking about how many people out there would be judging me for that post. It's not my most viewed and active post ever and has had really good kind responses. Now I'm just gonna blog about whatever I want whenever the mood strikes me. No more blog anxiety. Just write the damn thing.


Yes! I don't know why we do this to ourselves! lol


Great article Will. I am also one of them who has fear for blogging. your article is helpful for me. I will definitely publish blog here. Thanks!!


Cool let me know when it’s live


Thanks for sharing, it’s always humbling to figure out others share the same fears and struggles than oneself.


Thanks Sven! We all go through the same things and I’m glad I can help others overcome their situations