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Wincent Balin
Wincent Balin

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If Debian says "The following packages have been kept back:"

According to this question, if your Debian-based Linux tells you The following packages have been kept back: while upgrading, you might do this:

  1. Run sudo apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade
  2. Run sudo apt-get install <list of packages kept back>
  3. (If nothing else helps, run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, but beware of automatic package removals!)

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Muj8 • Edited

I'm the ultimate noob at Linux and came across this issue. I've read almost all articles and watched all youtube videos on this issue before I came to this. I was thinking in my head after watching and reading everything that the answer above is the solution and then I came across this. All I wanted to say was that I think this answer is the most concise clear explanation of what to do in this situation.