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Func - a modern command-line framework

About func

Recently, I created a modern command-line framework with the idea of easier design and Developer Experience, and i call it func.

You can easily create a command line tool with func. Learn more at GitHub.

It has more advantages than previous frameworks:

  • Volume of very small packaging
  • Elegant grammar and item structure without any thinking burden
  • Very few dependence, maximum optimized running speed
  • With the support of a complete template, one key can develop

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Top comments (4)

itachiuchiha profile image
Itachi Uchiha


Thanks. I needed this kind of basic library to manage command line arguments.

bbenefield89 profile image
Brandon Benefield

Very nice! Reminds me of Click for Python.

I'll definitely be checking this out for my next node based CLI project.

lysofdev profile image
Esteban Hernández

This is great! I think a lot existing solutions hardly do anything more than help parse arguments. This class based structure definitely forces a bit more structure out of the box.

wanzulfikri profile image

This looks great.

I’ll try it out later.