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Wiz Lee
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Publish Latest Dev.To Post to Portfolio Site

"We are one", says to

That's 'humanification' of my portfolio site after gaining the ability to list my posts from ;)

Due to the ground work done in Ema Suriano's gatsby-starter-mate, after the work done in the previous post only the following are needed:

  1. Get data from GraphQL query using Gatsby's useStaticQuery.
  2. Add empty response in case there's no user defined in Contentful CMS.
  3. Replace the original Medium posts integration with Dev posts mainly by modifying src/sections/Writing.ts & src/components/Post.ts

Next up, figuring out how to trigger Netlify deploy when a new dev article is posted!

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Luis Pinheiro

Nice portfolio

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Wiz Lee

Thanks! The starter that Ema Suriano provided makes it easier for customisation