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Red Hat is looking for feedback

Hi, everybody!
Red Hat User Experience Design (UXD) is on a mission to deliver quality user experiences inspired by and tailored to you — and for that, we need your input.

We are looking for application developers with a variety of experience with cloud technologies. Does this sound like you? We’d love to hear from you!

Join us in our effort to elevate Red Hat user experiences the open source way — fill out this 5-minute screener survey to get started. After you complete the screener, if you are a good fit for our research, we will send you a link to the follow-up survey. After completing that survey, we will send you a thank-you from our team, a $50 (USD or equivalent) gift card choice from several options.

Questions about privacy? Here is Red Hat’s privacy statement.

To learn more about Red Hat UXD, check out our team website.

Have any questions? Reach out on this post, or at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Naufan Rusyda Faikar

Is there an official page on's blog providing the survey form link so that we can be sure that the link and our privacy is completely safe?

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Wes Luttrell

Hi Naufan, I understand the concern, currently our team doesn't have the ability to post these things on an official space (we are actually working on getting approval & access to this for some time in 2022!).

I'm happy to provide verification in another form, whether that's a response via my official Red Hat email address ( or some other method.

Our data privacy statement is linked above, and more info can be found in the beginning of the survey (before any information is collected). We never share personal information outside of our team, and the data collected is used solely for analysis & reporting after being anonymized (removing email addresses & any other sensitive information).

Thanks for your patience, we are a small & growing team working to increase our influence!