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Absinthe Journey with Wolfiton or How to Bring the Absinthe Tutorial UP to Date- Part 1 Introduction

Hello everyone,

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PART 5 Testing
PART 6 Can you fly?
PART 7 The User

Today I am starting a new series Absinthe journey with Wolfiton and decided to contribute to opensource.

Wait a moment what is absinthe?

The official definition from the docs:

Absinthe is the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir, an implementation of the GraphQL > specification built to suit the language’s capabilities and idiomatic style

My personal and simpler definition:

Absinthe is the package you can use to create Phoenix and Graphql Api's in Elixir.

So I am rewriting the Official Absinthe Tutorial using the latest version of Phoenix 1.4 and Absinthe dependencies.

The versions for the packages, I am aiming for are:

  • Phoenix 1.4
  • Absinthe 1.4
  • Absinthe Plug 1.4
  • Absinthe Phoenix 1.4

Now let's talk about the structure of the Absinthe tutorial and how will the code get organized.

The code will use the best practices(I will try to use them), if anyone spots a mistake or a better way to implement a feature let me know.

At this point you may be wandering Dear Reader, how can we keep track of everything and don't get lost?

You just read my mind, so the answer is a MAP

So onward we go to the planing of our TODO List.

Our list will have the following:

Phoenix 1.4 side:

  • contexts
  • schemas
  • migrations
  • ecto

Absinthe(Graphql) side

  • schema
  • resolvers
  • types
  • context plug
  • and many more ...(we will update the list as we are progressing)

I hope that you find this series exciting Dear Reader, as I do.

See you in the next part where we will really dive in and start our application.

Absinthe docs
Thanks @TheEndIsNear for correcting my grammar mistake from So on wards we go to So onward we go.

Wait a moment, what is the credits section?

This is the section of the article where everyone that contributes will get mentioned.

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