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GH the new official Github CLI Tool (in beta)

Hi everyone,

Today's article is inspired by @rhymes comment on my previous article on hub.

You can read that article here hub

Also, I got his/her permission to quote him/her.

So let's quote @rhymes :

gh - The GitHub CLI tool

gh is GitHub on the command line, and it's now available in beta. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.
alt gh image

Comparison with hub(added this for clarity reasons- this is not in the original comment)

For many years, hub was the unofficial GitHub CLI tool. gh is a new project for us to explore what an official GitHub CLI tool can look like with a fundamentally different design. While both tools bring GitHub to the terminal, hub behaves as a proxy to git and gh is a standalone tool.

Also, this whole article is taken from

The Github team needs our help to test and improve gh and to do that they need us to complete this small survey gh Improvement Survey.

So if you have time **Dear Reader, let's take gh for a test and help Github improve it and make a better tool for all of us.**

I hope to see you Dear Reader on the contributors' side to this project.

Together we can build better tools and we don't need advanced knowledge to do so. Any part when building a tool is important and can help the development go faster, with fewer bugs.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you find it useful don't forget to share it on social.

Special Thanks to @rhymes for bringing this information in a comment on my previous article regarding hub and the GitHub Team who are building this new Github CLI Tool called gh.



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The interface is the same though :D

hub pr checkout 1234 -> gh pr checkout 1234, you could also alias it to hub in your shell :D

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wolfiton • Edited

The interface is the same but there are a lot of issues that are opened. So I can understand @@v1rtl's concern using gh in a real project.

Opened issue link

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To help Github improve their tool, because it will become their official tool.

Maybe they will add some new features, for example, GitHub hooks automation from the terminal and other goodies. So helping them will help us.

In the future, we can get a lot of benefits by helping this project, but if we don't help GitHub might lose interest in the project and not implement anything or worse GitHub might close the project.

Our challenges as developers will only grow with time and the new stacks that will arrive in the future.

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You can have both installed, I don't think they will collide with each other.

I will test this soon and I will post my experience in an article.

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Hi @v1rtl,

I was thinking we could all use gh in a test project and see how it behaves, then report back to Github with our first impressions.

What do you think about this idea?