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What is the programming tutorial in 2020, you wanted to learn but couldn't find?

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Hi everyone,

What is the programming tutorial in 2020, you wanted to learn but couldn't find?

I am really curious also what would you like to find in a tutorial to make it stand out?

Also, what is your favorite tutorial and teacher so far?

Let's discuss this

Thanks in advance to all participants to this discussion

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I’d like to see a programming tutorial for a framework that teaches us how to generalize the concepts and syntax rather than build something that’s always so specific that I can’t reuse concepts across projects.


Good point @Maureen, we need more tutorials that help us jump from one language to another.

What was the hardest thing you wanted to build but couldn't(or was very hard)?


Hmm, definitely many things considering I am self-taught and didn't have anyone around me to help mentor so I had to figure out everting and the terminology all on my own :(

But, for now I think learning to build a full-on Nuxt application or Vue application with dynamic routes and consuming APIs are definitely something I'm having headache over because all the tutorials are too specific! I don't know how to generalize as soon as I look away unless i study the way the instructor coded it. Still, I was lucky for my current project with Nuxt that I only need the static routing (which Nuxt allows) and routing each page as components so that was the easy part! Perhaps I might start some tutorials that finally help learners generalize content... 😏

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your tutorial series.

It was a pleasure exchanging ideas with you.

Hey no problem! Heheh I'll definitely come up with a plan LOL

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