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What is your roadmap in your selected programming language?

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Hi everyone,

What is your roadmap(what do you need to learn) in your selected programming language? (what is your goal)

All level of experiences(beginer middle senior) are welcomed in this discussion.

Thanks in advance to all participants to the discussion

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I'm following for web development path.!


great to see 2020 version, each year its been updated a bit


Hi @mazda ,
I am new to the platform and haven't read if there were posts on this subject in the past.

I really have an interest in learning how others are doing in their learning process or plans.

If you will read my articles you will discover that.


I constantly have a learning plan that I revise whenever I feel I should or when I learn that there is a new topic I should know.

Currently I want to learn back end with JavaScript. I consider myself beginner / intermediate level and have a small amount of commercial experience, but I want to learn it as well as I know front end.

That includes:

With less priority, I also want to spend some more time on these front end topics:

  • Accessibility
  • How to really structure the document outline (semantic HTML stuff).

Thanks @spyrosargalias for sharing such a detailed roadmap of what you follow and how you adjust what you learn.

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