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How can I join the open source community

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A good way to find open source projects seeking help is by searching issues on GitHub with the tag good-first-issue. This issues are usually easy to solve without deep understanding of the project itself, you can filter issues by this tag placing label:"good first issue" on the GitHub search bar and going into issues.

There are some alternatives like Code Triage or Good First Issue that does something similar!

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The Coding Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Wow awesome! Thanks for sharing

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You just did. Just by identifying yourself as part of it. There's no gatekeeping on who is part and who isn't. If you have a more specific question feel free to ask :)

There are quite a few good guides out there on how to do your first commit / pull request on GitHub. You can even start without the need to code. Lots of projects look for help translating / documenting :)


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THANKS for this

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Andrew Baisden

An easy route in would be collaborate with a few other developers on a project that you all work on and that is on GitHub. You all go through the whole Git Flow workflow and that will give you some experience.

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THANKS for this

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  • Start from using it.
  • Frustrate when it doesn't works.
  • Don't annoy the good will of the maintainer.
  • Grow your empathy by submitting a good bug report.
  • Get notified when the bug resolved.
  • Celebrate!
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Well, welcome to OSS. You're in it, apart of the team, and very much so a contributing member. Very good first question.

Never think you're not apart of this, we all have our places even in doubt. KEEP PUSHING.

Do not stick to your own, branch out and keep asking questions while learning on your own... this is how I've kept up with the times and new topics, while absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

If you feel doubt, it's "normal". We are in this together, never feel like you're on your own with your journey. We all NEED side quests, these may lead into your main storyline.

Do your own thing, and incorporate other opinions as ideas, you will realize that you're apart of team that you may not have known existed.

Keep contributing to projects that effect yours and ultimately everyone using it. This alone has allowed my personal/private projects to progress more than my professional ones... by a long shot.

You are an OSS developer here, we all want to help each other, we will strive with your questions and knowledge. Keep it coming.

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Nik F P

A possible good place to get started is with the Redwood team. They are actively looking for people that are new to open source contributions and it's a very nice, welcoming community. Check them out at the Redwood website

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Hey @wonuola_w

If you choose the join one. It is helpful to see how active it is, what code bases they use and how much support you will get.

Here is an example of a really cool one I have joined.

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Two cases:

  1. Start your own project.
  2. Join to project.

I choose 1.

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🚩 Atul Prajapati 🇮🇳

Welcome 🤗

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Alex Lohr

You are currently using a site based on open source, so basically you're already a party of it. The next steps are: Find a project that interests you. Join discord, GitHub, whatever they use for communication. You'll usually find someone to help you help the project pretty soon. It may be small or non-coding stuff, like typos, docs, or even organization. Enjoy the community and the challenges that may present themselves.

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Imam Ali Mustofa

Hi @wonuola_w i've create a Open Source project 2 weeks ago. If you want to join please visit this rrepository: SleekwareDB

Have a nice day Sista!

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Teatime results

Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I haven't quite mastered the search function on here. I think I'll pass with him this time around. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here

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Hi! I have created an Open Source project for new developers that wants get involved into a real project, check my profile or visit