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Announcing stdio - A community for human engineers

Hey friends! It's been a little over a week since I've posted and I feel like I am loosing some of my drive. To get it kickstarted back up, I'd love to announce a new side project I am working on! So without further ado, check out stdio.

What is it?

stdio (standard io) is a community/name under which a few projects are being released, all centered around helping everyone become more human engineers.

The first project is up - it's a discord server for engineers of all skill levels to come hang out, get help with programming problems, connect with other engineers and learn new things. We'll be having weekly community nights every Tuesday at 6:15PM PST (subject to change by popular demand) where we will just hang out, discuss engineering things, and (hopefully) have some special guests!

More projects are in the works, but I really want this to be a collaborative, community-driven group. I have lots of ideas where this could go, but I want to know what the community wants!

Come join us in Discord, accept the Code of Conduct and join us this Tuesday at 6:15PM EST! We'll be hanging out, chatting, and getting to know everyone!

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