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Wellness Wednesday - New Year, Dancing, and Self Care

Wellness Wednesday

Hello again! Happy New Year! Time for another #wellnesswednesday!

S.M.A. goals

Since it is the new year, I'm sure we all have resolutions and goals all over the place. I'm also sure that everyone has heard of "Smart" goals. Every year I struggle to set goals using the framework - some times my goals are too lofty and other times they are so small they don't seem worth it on a time-scale. This year, I am focusing on just the S.M.A. part of smart goals. I want to make them specific, measureable and attainable, but since they are personal goals the relevancy doesn't really make sense to me and the time-bound is a difficult thing to come up with. What do you think about this? How do you set goals?

Dance sometimes!

Did you know that dancing lowers the risk of dementia? Plus it can be fun, give you a nice boost of energy, and lighten your mood! Put on some good music and groove out to your favorite song. I personally like to put on some good showtunes and do some chores around the house.

Aloe Bud

Aloe is a self-care app (currently on iOS with android on the way) that uses encouragement to bring awareness to self care activities. I haven't personally used it, but I will as soon as it is on Android!

Have a good one!

Discussion (3)

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Ben Halpern

This reminds me that I used to dance more around the house when I lived alone. Probably because I'm self-conscious. I should try to overcome this and be more active in these little ways.

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Gareth Ashton

I'll commit to the dancing part and leave my Android on the charger.

hawicaesar profile image

Oh my dancing is the best...I do this occasionally...I don't care who is watching...