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I built a logo maker!

As a developer, we all know that DESIGN IS HARD!

I've been building apps and websites for the last 10yrs+ and every time I was struggling with the branding parts. I can handle the UX, but, damn, the UI is always painful!

I met Lucie & Dagobert a year ago and we created Logology. It's a logo maker. The main difference between all the others is that every design has been made by Lucie. No random generation based on free icons libs. She designs everything before-hand!

In a few minutes you have a whole branding package to put on your projects. You just have to answer the branding survey, customize our logos proposals and you can go with CSS!

I'm pretty excited to show it to you guys! Let me know your feedback!

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Felipe Kinoshita • Edited

I tried it out and all the logos were awesome, really nice product!

xavier profile image

Glad you liked it Felipe :)

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Cristian Sanchez

ty bro!