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Yassine Zeriouh
Yassine Zeriouh

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What are your end-to-end testing struggles?

Hello everybody!

I've been struggling with end-to-end testing a lot in the last few years, since it's an unnecessary complex step in a product pipeline. At my job, we still don't have a end-to-end testing solution, even though we tried a lot of solutions, but none of them were perfect. And if they were, it was extremely time consuming to set up.

I'd like to hear about your thoughts, did you ever struggle with this? Do you already have a perfect solution that works for you? What can be done to make this task easier and not so dreading?

Looking forward to hear about your experiences!

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Maureen T'O

I've personally used E2E testing platform and really love it. Their test runner is browser-based (only in Chrome browser, working on Safari) so you can see the tests pass/fail in realtime and debug them as well. They're the only one I swear by, but I'm biased because I've haven't looked for others 😄 Beautiful coming soon page too!

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Abraham Brookes • Edited

I have been learning TDD over the past month or so on the Laravel/Vue stack. I ran through the fantastic vue exercise at and they teach jest for unit testing and cypress for e2e so I have been sticking with them. However, at work we use docker and we haven't been able to get the cypress runner UI working so I have been stuck with their ci cli runner which sucks and so I'm about to start looking into laravel Dusk.

In my company the whole testing paradigm is reserved for the super advanced programmers (which is backwards, I know - TDD should be how we teach our juniors from the start) and it takes a long time to learn the APIs and setup processes for each of those testing suites so I would say the complexity is a real barrier to providing to our clients what is quite an essential part of the software cycle - built in tests.

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Antonio Radovcic • Edited

My struggle currently is that, while my WebComponent/LitElement-Based Project can use Jest, there is nothing like Enzyme for WC. Only way to test clicking and styles is to fire up a real browser.