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Best Frameworks, Libraries, and SDKs That Can Help Develop Android Apps

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You may have heard scary stories about how much more time it takes – and how much more expensive it is – to develop an Android app than to develop an iOS app. But in fact, this is not quite true. With plenty of frameworks available, modern-day Android app development doesn’t take much longer than iOS app development. But in fact, that’s not quite true. With plenty of frameworks and libraries available, developing a modern-day Android app doesn’t take much longer than developing an iOS app. At Yalantis, we use Kotlin instead of Java for most projects, which greatly speeds up development.

We’ll walk you through the best Android frameworks, libraries, and SDKs that we frequently use here at Yalantis.

Open source tools
There’s a common saying that quality doesn’t come cheap – but actually, we usually work with free and open-source frameworks and libraries that have already gained a good reputation in the developer community.

Architecture library
ReactiveX. You can’t get around functional programming when you develop an app. ReactiveX combines the observer pattern, iterator pattern, and functional programming all in one. It’s a core framework that makes it easy to combine front end and back end, and it’s available for most platforms. We use this framework in most of our Android projects.

Mobile database
Realm is a powerful framework for mobile databases. It can replace the cumbersome SQLite while being much simpler and faster. With well-written official documentation and simple setup, Realm promises to save weeks of development time. As an added bonus, search speeds with Realm are much faster than with other database frameworks. In terms of the user experience, this means a faster, more agile app.

Backend interaction
Retrofit is a client-server framework for exchanging data between an app and a server. Retrofit is much easier to work with than alternatives such as Google’s Volley library.

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