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Building a Video Calling App using Python & Flask



A basic WebRTC video audio chat app made using python Flask.

Create and join video chat rooms. The users connects to each other in a peer to peer mesh network using WebRTC. They share their audio and video directly with each other without going through a centralized server. However, a centralized server is needed to initiate the connections at first using a process called signaling. This, signaling server is made using Flask in python and data is shared between server and clients using SocketIO.

For demo & explaination visit:

Source code

Source Code is Available in the description box below in the video. So do check it out...


To run this on your machine, install the following:


  • python 3.x
  • Flask
  • Flask-SocketIO

Install requirements using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt
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To start a server on localhost:

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Woah this is cool!

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Yash Makan

Yeah! Thanks :)

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Sofiia Shevchuk • Edited

Useful post, thanks! Can I share your ideas in my article about video chat app development? With reference to you, of course.