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My Switch To Linux

When I first began to learn how to program and build things, I didn’t understand file structures and how to use the command lines. Windows didn’t particularly help me with this problem simply because everything can done through a GUI, and the command prompts feel a bit confusing to me. This is significant because learning git was a bit annoying simply because I didn’t feel comfortable in the terminal. Windows terminal felt clunky, cumbersome, and overall  intimidating to me. I felt a bit overwhelmed and confused to the point I was literally ready to quit. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, I had been dual enrolled and college at the same time I was enrolled in a coding boot camp and I had to take  a class in Linux. I had heard of Linux prior and used a Unix based software for work, but I didn’t really get heavily involved in the learning it all considering we only used prompts. Going through that class gave me a completely different perspective on the use of the command line that I hadn’t considered. The speed and efficiency of the command line was a game changer for me. The more is used it the more I learned of alias you can create, customizing the look and feel, the different shells available, and a whole community of people with guides to learning. 

Armed with this information, I made the decision to abandon Windows and go Linux. That's where another door opened I was not aware of. The amount of Linux distros available is nutty! I had not clue of what distro to even start on so I did what anyone in my position would do, turn to YouTube. I dove in, watched, read, and gathered information and I came to the conclusion, none of it was sufficient to figure out what to do. I found the only way to figure out what I like was to play with them. I probably went through 8 distros before I finally settled on Manjaro.
Manjaro is an Arch based distro that has a large community of developers that are more than eager to help. It comes default with a startup program that links you to forums, guides, opportunities to get involved with the project, and more. For development and setup purposes its the best! This distro comes equipped with Arch User Repository or AUR that is constantly being grown and maintained. While all distros you can use the command line to download programs, AUR take it step further and downloads and configures everything for. This includes multiple programs at the same time. Because of its ease of use, easy access to system functions, and command line, my quality of like in learning has been drastically improved. I encourage anyone who use Windows to give it a try and my just be surprised and make the switch also.

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

Hi, your post is all wrapped in triple backticks (`). Is it intended?