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Yechiel Kalmenson
Yechiel Kalmenson

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Announcing: Torah && Tech

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Hey there!

If you follow me, chances are you are interested in Rabbi stuff, tech stuff, or both.

Well, guess what? I have great news for you!

In honor of Chanukah, my friend, and fellow techie, Rabbi Ben Greenberg and I have launched a newsletter called Torah && Tech. It will feature a weekly Torah thought as well as tech news and resources of interest to the Torah tech community.

The first issue came out for Shabbat Chanukah (you can find it here).

If you would like to get future issues straight to your inbox every Thursday, just in time for you to read in Shul or at your Shabbat table, you can subscribe at this link.

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Omri Gabay

This is awesome! Yasher koach

hey68you profile image

Thanks for linking my CSS Grid Menorah !

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Ben Greenberg

Thanks for making it!