Which has more opportunities? (Short road to starting?) React, Vue, JavaScript, Python? [Front/ Back-End]?

yobretyo profile image Bret ・1 min read

So far, I know the basics of HHTML, CSS, kinda Vanilla JS.

Then also I know well,
React and Vue.

For styling I know:
Css, bootstrap, sass, Vuetify, Material-UI, styled-Components

I’m getting the hang of Python with the basics. I’m at the point of creating a Dictionary and other containers, and calling, getting data....
But, it’s not at a “you can see it” point... other than in the console....

When do you start seeing data or movement on the page????

Which should I focus on learning the most, as well as opportunities?


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I would ask you what do you plan to do?


I like front end, but it seems not as precise at times. As in, and a client can be picky like:
I want this color,
not that size,
More buttons here,
...I don’t like that radius of a button..

So I like the more concentrated work of JavaScript and python,
But, I’m not to sure how to start,

I like React using JS. I’m not that good at vanilla JS in a Script.js sheet


Software development is same as well depending on the school of thought.

My suggestion is to start with your foundations like HTML, CSS, JavaScript then move to more either a backend focus web framework like Django, Flask, API Express or GraphQL. Then get a front-end focus web framework like Vue, React or Angular.

But base it upon your geography locations in terms of jobs and salary.

Ok. I’m in Fort Worth Texas. I’ve just started learning Python, it reminds me of JS, but it seems better organized.

I first started with Vue, but started learning React to get better at JS. React helped me allot to understand JS better.
I like Vue mostly more than React, but I like how React seems more “vanilla” over Vue.

Flask, reminds me of a “organized components” because of the Jinja and templates. But it’s allot more vanilla HTML/css.

I think I might favor front end because I like to “see” what I’m doing.... but I do like the backend. I’m getting better at dictionaries and truples... but so far it’s learning the basics where the info is just in the console. I would like to work more by “seeing”.
I’m also interested in Kivy, but that’s desktop.

Haha that is good React has a huge learning curve for it. But it's good for backend wise if you want to make it easy & fast look at FastAPI or GraphQL which speeds up your development.

Thank you. I like React over Vue. Isn’t Python better for backend?

It just depends on the use case. I picked Django cause it had a good out of the box experience, security focus and a force multiplier for me besides Flask or FastAPI.

Plus the added advantage is that you have a better chance of working with data science-related work. But if you are looking for just web development, most of them might just pick a javascript backend as you do not need to relearn a lot of things.

Is Flask good to start out with?
before Django?
I’m between learning the basics of python and also Flask.
Flask seems to go back to plain HTML/CSS.

It's much easier to learn than Django as much of the use case comes from it being easy to learn and the flexibility that comes with it . Plus there is a lot of people working with data science who uses it for that reason besides FastAPI.


I see that you are learning a lot of skills. My advice would be to specialise in one area first before you do something else otherwise your focus will be split in multiple directions. And this will slow down your overall learning and progression. It's best practice to get really good at vanilla javascript first before you start working with javascript frameworks.

That's one mistake I made at the beginning I only partially learned some vanilla javascript then I went straight into React and then I got stuck with a few issues. And I realised that the reason why I could not find the solution in the react documentation is because they related to vanilla javascript and I had not learned those concepts yet.

Thank you!
I started with Vue with knowing little JS,
But, when I started with React (to help get better at JS), React helped me understand JavaScript better.
Now with Vue, it makes more sense on how to use the structure.
But, with vue there vue.component, well, I get confused with JS when I use el: or use document.getElementById,
That’s where I mess up

I’m liking python, it reminds me of JS

I have quite a few courses on Python but I am yet to do anything with it because I have been spending so much time getting better with the MERN stack 😅


I can say I know well:
HTML, CSS, some JS,
Bootstrap, SASS
Vue, React,
Vuetify, Material-UI, Styled-Components
Then I’m working on:
Python, Flask, Django and possibly Kivy


Great show it to people what you are doing. If your into Django use the TryDjango series by Coding For Entrepreneurs. It gives the best python web development tutorials out there.


Thank you
I’m liking how it basically turns into plain HTML and CSS. But it’s organized more and easier then a npm/vue/React create

Yup which is why fundamentals plays a part. I started out with Django then to Flask. By knowing one helps you to leapfrog from one to another. By just understanding & being mindful of their philosophy, design decisions and use cases.