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Which is “ok” to be self taught in? Datascience, MachineLearning or Python?

What chance do you have to getting a job if your “self taught” in machine learning? Vs Datascience?

I don’t like styling so I want to go for something that’s more direct in what you do. I’ve been liking python/Django over JavaScript/vue/react.
I can see that Python has allot of opportunities, but.... there’s the “do I need collage to be taken seriously”,

So far, as far as a realistic project, either with React/Vue or Django,
I made a “copy and paste” snippets “notebook” so I can add in custom code better.

.....what type of projects do people want to see?

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Jon Randy

All of them. If you can demonstrate the requisite skills, you'll get the job

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M. Akbar Nugroho

Yes, you can. But, i suggest you to take some course about ML, Py, etc to make it clear.