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Two-way binding in Vue.js

πŸ—£If you're following my blog posts, you already know that for the past few weeks I am exploring Vue.js and along with it I am also documenting my journey. So, today's post is about the v-model directive in Vue.js.

πŸ‘‰ For the two-way binding, Vue provides v-model directive, let's explore it in depth:

♻️ v-model:

The v-model directive helps us create a two-way binding on form inputs <input>, textarea <textarea>, and select elements <select>.

Binding to <input> element:

Let's suppose we have a data property named data and we can bind it with v-model on the input element like this

<input v-model="book" placeholder="What's your favorite book?">
<p>Your Favorite book is: {{ book }} </p>
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Binding to <textarea> element:

Binding message data property with v-model

<textarea v-model="message" placeholder="Share your message"></textarea>
<p>Message: {{ message }}</p>
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Binding to <select> element:

Binding selected data property with v-model

select v-model="selected">
  <option disabled value="">Please select one</option>
<span>Selected: {{ selected }}</span>
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Vue also provides some modifiers for the v-model directive that sometimes makes life easier πŸ˜…


By default v-model sync the input with the data after each input event but by using v-model.lazy we can restrict it to only after the change event.

This modifier is used when we want to trim whitespace from user input.

When we want to automatically typecast user input as a number we use v-model.number and it trims the whitespace.

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diek profile image

I'm learning Vue too, thank you for your post, I'm not already using forms but I will sooner or later and now I know this 😊

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Zahid Jabbar • Edited

πŸ™Œ Great, You'll surely enjoy learning Vue.

Let me know if I could help you with any thing.