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What I learned this week. Week 6.


Today was alright. I've been doing some leetcode practice problems and found myself very frustrated at the concept they were testing. Had it been normal python I could have solved it in one or two lines but they used their own object/class for the problem. It took most of my time to figure out so I didn't do a whole lot else. I did take the time to set up a couple github repositories to better explore the two datasets I mentioned last week. I didn't do much of anything with one as I would want to do text vectorization, which I didn't feel like doing today. The other I did some cleaning and ran a basic ordinary least squares regression to create a model. Without any tuning I am already accounting for approx. 27% of the variance.


Today was a bit rough. Woke up two hours early to a knock at my door. I needed to move two cars that were in the way of the workers here to fix the roof. So not only did I lose some sleep, I had no chance of falling back to sleep with all the banging going on. Not that I blame them for doing their job, it just adds to the stress of my day. I did great on my practice problems today, so that was nice. I tried a new strategy for reaching out for jobs and already got a reply. All I did was search for some key words on Linkedin to find hiring managers actively seeking job applicants. I highly recommend it as I have found just how helpful it can be.


Today was a good day. Even with it being rainy, and my car needing some fixing, I still had a good day. I got my daily problems out of the way earlier in the morning. Instead of giving my cousin a ride to work, I went out for lunch for sushi with him and his friends. We discussed a plethora of things but something that stands out is data. It was a bunch of nerds discussing how to properly analyze Pokémon data. Sadly on the way home my cars breaks went out and I had to utilize the E-brake to avoid getting towed. I brought in my car and it will hopefully be fixed by the end of tomorrow. After coming home I applied for a couple jobs and set up a bullet-point script for a mock interview tomorrow. Even though today was supposed to be focused on learning and the technical side of things, I found myself being pulled away from it by other responsibilities.

Normally you would find Thursday and Friday here with a conclusion that summarizes how my week went. Obviously that didn't happen. At the end of now last week (I am writing this the following Monday), I found myself distracted from my personal responsibilities. Wednesday was the last day I followed a routine and as you can see, it affected me. I strive to be the best I can be but also recognize that I don't need to be perfect. Just because I didn't follow through for a few days doesn't make me any less worthy of patience, respect and love. It is simply my responsibility to move forward learning from my mistakes.

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