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Mindset Behind Programming

To the 0/1 world, we are aliens. 🤓
Most of the time we need to communicate with it to get things in real world done.

This is not only about getting one more programming language but also about getting one more handy tool into your toolbox to help you get your "nailed it!" moment. So the tool could be a programming language, an interesting framework, a set of protocols, a version control system, etc.

Don't speak to speak, do speak to communicate. Coding is about to communicate with machines to get your work done and achieve your goals. So do good communications.

Code as much as possible to strengthen your coding muscle.

Read good code as much as possible to learn how excellent it could be.

It's never a bad idea to learn more about the fundamentals, such as operating system, networking, algorithms, etc.

You don't need to master your tool to get things done, you master it by getting more and more things done. But you need to master it to get things done well and quickly.

Know your tools, don't just be copy-paste hero. People aren't born to know everything. It takes time, but it's worth it.

Keep high efficiency, pause when you feel like not. Pushing yourself too far is a good way to ruin the 0/1 world, they will get back at you by costing more time, effort, even money. What you can get from pause would be an even better idea.

Don't set yourself limitations, define your goals, your expectations. What you what it to be? How you want it to looks like?

Happy hacking, happy coding! 8D

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