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Igor Zalutski
Igor Zalutski

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We've just launched on HackerNews!

Say you want to deploy a Node app. Or a Python app. Or a Rails app. And maybe one or two React or Vue frontends as well. Oh and a database too.

You have 2 options:

  1. Traditional PaaS like Heroku. Going to be quick and easy. But also expensive and you can't build much beyond the very basics.

  2. AWS or GCP or Azure. That's going to be hard and slow, unless you have DevOps expertise. But with over 200 services you can build pretty much anything.

Why isn't there an easy way to start on AWS without spending days figuring it out? We thought so as well, and built

Digger makes AWS simple

It automatically generates infrastructure for your code in your AWS account. So you can build on AWS without having to deal with its complexity. See How it works

You can launch in minutes – no need to build from scratch, or even think of infrastructure at all

✅ Easy to use Web UI + powerful CLI
✅ Deploy webapps, serverless functions and databases: just connect GitHub repositories
✅ Multiple environments: replicate your entire stack in a few clicks. Dev / staging / production; short-lived for testing; per-customer
✅ Zero-configuration CI with GitOps: pick a branch for each environment and your services will be deployed on every git push
✅ Logs, environment variables, secrets, domains: never touch AWS again!

A PaaS that generates Terraform

... So that you keep the full power of AWS

Traditional platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) like Heroku or Vercel run your code on their servers. Digger takes a different approach: it generates infrastructure-as-code (Terraform) that manages your AWS account. See Digger vs Ohter

This removes the main limitation of traditional PaaS. With Digger you can have great modern developer experience and get a future-proof stack at the same time. Terraform is industry standard for all things DevOps; with Digger you can customise every bit. You can even use your own bespoke templates with Digger. So unlike traditional PaaS, you never outgrow Digger.

What do you think?

We've just launched and super hungry for feedback. Try it out!

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Cool! Looking forward in giving it a try. Congrats for the nice work

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Roland Doda

Sounds amazing!

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Looks awesome!

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Cool! I want try it!