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A detour ain't gonna stop me!

Isaac Thani
I am a learner... Driven by Genchi Genbutsu(現地現物)!
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I few days since I posted last. I had to pause and do other things. I figured this should not stop me from continuing. I'll work towards building the habit of consistency and not breaking, but I am taking it more softly.

Today I learnt about Cloud IAM.
Cloud IAM is Google Cloud Platform’s unified system for managing access to resources and assigning permissions for users and services to access those resources.
More here:

Cloud IAM Lab on qwiklabs

I did the lab I looked forward to. I'm already feeling like a cloud architect!(I know I still have a long way to go though lol). The lab was legit really cool!

In the lab I:

  • Used Cloud IAM to implement access control

  • Restricted access to specific features or resources

  • Used the Service Account User role

I exercised granting and revoking Cloud IAM roles, first to a user, Username 2, and then to a Service Account User. You could allocate Service Account User credentials and "bake" them into a VM to create specific-purpose authorized bastion hosts.

I may write less frequently now, and sometimes a tweet does the magic for me. But I initiated a for loop that will only stop when i = 100!!!

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