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Time out!

Isaac Thani
I am a learner... Driven by Genchi Genbutsu(現地現物)!
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4th day of 2nd #cloudweek
Just finished one of the most interesting labs, or speaking more accurately, I ran out of time. 5 more minutes would have been enough to finish the last task, but in Cloud storage lab. I had spent a little too much time earlier correcting an error, and with qwiklabs, you have timeouts! You can only restart...

Cloud storage is a fundamental resource in Google Cloud, with many advanced features. In this lab, I was supposed to exercise many Cloud Storage features that could be useful in my future designs. I explored Cloud Storage using both the console and the gsutil tool.

I performed the following tasks:

  • Create and use buckets

  • Set access control lists to restrict access

  • Use your own encryption keys

  • Implement version controls

  • Use directory synchronization

  • Share a bucket across projects using IAM

I still don't really understand Task 4: How to Rotate CSEK keys. I wasted time here, that's why I could not finish. I'll go back to the lab to complete it.
Did all the tasks, though I didn't complete Task 8: Cross-project sharing.
Didn't have enough time to Modify role for the 2nd project in order to verify access.
I'll make sure I revisit and do this again!

Are you a learner like me(probably on GADS2020 also) or already an expert in the #Cloud(Not just GCP, but also AWS, Azure, etc?). Feel free to drop your comments, tips, advice, or just say hi!

I am learning Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services by Google on Pluralsight as part of the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020 program, Google Cloud in partnership with Andela and this is my #100DaysofCloud challenge.

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