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How to fake your API for TODO list

In the previous post, I discussed the necessity of having a REST API mocking tool for front-end and back-end developers as a simple layer which gives understanding about communication Interfaces for both.

Here is an example of how to create simple mocks for a TODO list application with

Let's imagine we have a ready TODO list SPA application but the back-end is not available.
And for example we need to implement work with following methods:

  • Add Task
  • Delete Task
  • Update Task
  • Get task list

After login lets create our first endpoint mock:

In the "Response body" let's add the following template and Save it.

After endpoint created we can test it in any HTTP client tool.
I chose Insomnia.
And got:

For simplicity methods task/delete and task/update will use the same template for the response, so I just copied it from the task/add method

Next what we need to is generate the list of the tasks:

And let's generate an array of tasks from 5 to 10:

Check again in the Insomnia:

Looks like it works.

You can try it your own with the following URLs:


How to use it in code

In my front end projects, I often use the axios.

With axios snippet might be:

import axios from 'axios';

const ax = axios.create({
  baseURL: '',

const sendTask = (url, task) =>
    .post(url, task)
    .then(res =>
    .catch(err => {
      throw err;

export const fetchTaskList = () =>
    .then(res =>
    .catch(err => {
      throw err;

export const addTask = task =>
  sendTask(`task/add`, task);

export const updateTask = task =>
  sendTask(`task/update`, task);

export const deleteTask = task =>
  sendTask(`task/delete`, task);

To work with real API when it's ready simply change the baseURL property.

This is my first introduction of Fake.REST I hope you like it and found it useful.

If you have suggestions about how to improve the service please write me in the comments.

Thank you.

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Ibrahim Bakare

This is awesome.