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SMS Notification Overview And How It Helps In Your Magento 2 Store?

The year 2020 marked a turning point for e-commerce as even those who were previously skeptical about online shopping began to realize its convenience. More and more people started placing orders for both essentials like groceries and non-essential items like clothing, electronics, and home goods. As a result, many entrepreneurs found themselves needing to adapt their business to the online market. While some made the transition seamlessly, retaining their customer base and maintaining sales, others faced a number of challenges which led to a loss of customers and a decline in revenue.

An essential aspect of the success of an online store is the platform it utilizes. We recommend using Magento 2, as it offers a wide range of features and extensions to enhance your and your customers' experience. Magento 2 is a comprehensive and versatile platform that can assist in promoting your business, improving customer relationships, and ultimately increase sales. One of the useful extensions available for Magento 2 is the Order Tracking and SMS Notification Extension, which can make managing your online store more efficient.

Choosing Magento 2 Order Tracking and Magento 2 SMS Notification extension:
The selection of Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification extension is a wise choice for your e-commerce business as it addresses a common concern for online shoppers - tracking their orders. Without an efficient tracking system in place, customers tend to bombard online stores with inquiries about the status of their orders.

The extension eliminates the need to rely on multiple third-party couriers for tracking packages and offers detailed information on delivery time estimates. It is integrated with over 100 carriers worldwide, including major players such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.

Additionally, the extension sends SMS notifications to customers, providing them with real-time updates on their orders. This ensures that the customer receives the information and is not overlooked due to a cluttered email inbox. You can personalize these SMS notifications to inform customers when the package is shipped, when it will arrive, and in case of any shipment exceptions.

Benefits of M2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification:

Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification extension offers several key benefits for your e-commerce business, including:

  • Automated post-purchase email and SMS notifications
  • Order confirmation emails
  • Seamless shipment tracking without the need for external links
  • Customizable CSS for the tracking page
  • Automatic phone number fill-in for SMS notification subscription on the checkout success page
  • Magento 2 Track Order URL for easy tracking without logging in

By implementing this extension, you can eliminate the need for constant customer inquiries about the status of their orders and provide them with real-time updates via SMS. We highly recommend installing Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification extension Magento 2 for your e-commerce business.

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