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Day 1 of 7 days of VIM challenge


I started today(29.12.2020) the 7 days of VIM challenge where I'm only allowed to use VIM as my text editor.

Why am I doing this? Because I wanted to learn VIM and I want to feel like a pro programmer. Now I will talk a little bit about that project and what I have done today with VIM.

Today I mostly edited my config so I can work perfectly with VIM also I learned some important hotkeys. Most of the time I'm editing Typescript and Javascript code. It was quite tricky to not close my Terminal I'm working on. Mac OS has a Keyboard shortcut that closes the current Windows you are focusing on, the shortcut is Command + w. After I closed my Terminal three times in 5 minutes I was quite annoyed so I started to click key by key and not so fast, after a while I started to feel confident with the shortcuts so I started to type faster again. At this time I haven't installed any plugin manager or a autocomplete plugin so after searching for a plugin manager I installed plug. Why did I install Plug? I don't know it was easy to use and all videos I watched used it. After 2 hours my VIM started to lag a little bit and stopped working when I'm typing a round bracket so I was looking for a solution but didn't found one, so if you know you please let me know :D.

So this was mostly the first day of the challenge and I started to like VIM. Here you can find my current .vimrc If you want to join this challenge use the hashtag #7daysOfVim

Thanks for reading stay tuned for the second day :)

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Vim is great. I don't know all the hotkeys but slowly I am finding them out. Also it becomes a second nature. I am pressing J and K constantly even on my web-browser. I use QuteBrowser that basically uses Vim keys and also you can add Vimium extensions for your Chrome-based browsers.

I use both Arch and Windows. I converted my macbook air to linux, currently Kali.
I also downloaded Vim Text Editor on my Win10 so yay.

When you want to exit out of Insert, instead of pressing Esc which is too far, press ^[ ( ctrl+[ ) this will do the same thing.

Another software I use for taking Notes is Joplin, you can use Vim keys on that as well.

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Do you have maybe coc-pairs installed? It coult interfere with this mappings:

inoremap [ []<left>
inoremap { {}<left>
inoremap {<CR> {<CR>}<ESC>O
inoremap {;<CR> {<CR>};<ESC>O

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Now I have it installed thanks :)