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Top 10 Information Technology Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge of the IT Industry

If you love Information Technology, and you code day and night, take a break, test your IT general knowledge, and have some fun. We have compiled a list of 10 information technology quizzes to test your knowledge of the IT industry. Try them now and compete with your friends:

1) ProProfs Quizzes

ProProfs contains numerous professional quizzes and tests covering a wide range of topics, from entertainment quizzes about TikTokers, popular movies, and celebrities and finishing with quizzes related to business, education, and other specific fields.

We’ve found information technology quizzes and trivia on ProProfs where you can prove your specific IT knowledge or you can try a simple “Fundamentals of Information Technology Trivia” game.

2) Quizizz

Quizizz is a learning platform that allows people to learn anything they want by passing gamified quizzes. The platform is widely used by teachers and students to learn school subjects in a fun and interactive way. It also gives you the option to create your own quizzes, customize them, and assign them to a group of people. You can find almost any topic using their search bar.

Try some of these information technology quizzes: JavaScript quiz , Web Development quiz, or Information Technology quiz.

3) Internet of Think Quiz Show

The format of this quiz is totally different compared to most of what we’ve found online. This is a YouTube information technology quiz show where any information technology specialist can apply to participate and compete for cash prizes. The quiz show consists of three rounds; round 1 is general information technology trivia, round 2 is IT-themed images and questions, and round 3 is a series of rapid-fire IT-related questions.

Check out the latest episode to see what it’s like and apply to participate to win cash and check your IT general skills and knowledge. You can even practice using other quizzes from this article and then put your newfound skills to use to win real money!

4) Britannica

Britannica is a leading online encyclopedia that provides products including courses, digital encyclopedias, training, and quizzes.

Britannica sorts their quizzes by category. Check out this link to find all the technology quizzes that are available on Britannica right now. Try some of these IT quizzes from the list; they range from computers and technology, tech companies, computers and operating systems, to mobile phones. Keep in mind that you have only 30 seconds to answer each question.

5) is an online education platform offering courses, education programs, video lessons, and more. They also have a huge range of quizzes — more than 65,000!

Use this link to try information technology quizzes from There are currently 781 quizzes to test your IT skills. You can try one about IT terms & Abbreviations, iOS Architecture Components, and many others. Just bear in mind, you’ll have to make an account to see the full range of quizzes. The upside is that each quiz has a description, learning goals, related skills, and places to find more information about the topic.

6) Quizstone

Quizstone is a quiz website offering quizzes in numerous categories, as well as daily general trivia questions.

Their Information Technology quiz has questions about the Internet, computers, games, programs, software, and hardware. Try their Internet Quiz to check your knowledge about Internet services, web sites, and search engines. Their Hardware Quiz will help you see how much you know about hardware, computers, routers, and computer manufacturers. Their computer games quiz checks knowledge about console, PC, and mobile games, and their software quiz tests programming language knowledge and more.

7) GeeksforGeeks

GeeksforGeeks is a computer science portal with programming articles, tutorials, courses, quizzes, and interview questions.

In their quiz section, you will find things about C++, Java, Python, data structure, algorithms, and more. The questions are pretty technical and contain code examples as well, so this source might be a good way to test your skills before passing an interview. When you answer the questions in the quiz, you’ll get an explanation to help you understand the topic better.

8) SkillValue by Pentagon

SkillValue, a recruitment platform for hiring tech freelancers, offers 1000+ quizzes about different programming languages. You can take quizzes about .Net, Java, and Javascript, as well as machine learning, software testing, information security, and more. All the quizzes have different difficulty levels and have time limits to answer all the questions. You’ll need to make an account to start taking quizzes.

9) Sporcle

Sporcle provides quizzes, not only on the web and mobile, but also in live trivia shows at bars and restaurants. Their website has a database of more than 1 million quizzes, all sorted by category. You can also sort by most popular. In addition, the platform allows you to create your own quizzes and share them with your friends.

Find information technology trivia quizzes and games here.

10) Aliensbrain

Aliensbrain is an online test portal with more than 15,000 quizzes.

Try quizzes about the .Net framework, C & C++ programming, Java, SQL, web development, and many fields. You can either take quizzes or create your own. Searching by tags you can find the questions and quizzes that are most interesting to you.

Now you have the list of information technology quizzes to test your knowledge and skills in the IT industry. Have fun learning!

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