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Stephanie Eckles
Stephanie Eckles

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✨ Announcing 11ty.Rocks: A collection of Eleventy resources

Eleventy (11ty) is a simple but powerful static site generator that is capable of mixing template languages. Content can be written with Markdown or one of the other template languages. Or, dynamically create pages from local data or external sources that are compiled at build time. It has zero production JavaScript dependencies, so your site is truly static.

I've been very active creating 11ty-based sites and additional resources, so I've released 11ty.Rocks as a collection of Eleventy (11ty) starters, projects, plugins, and resources.

Do you create 11ty things, too? Then submit a PR to join the 11ty Webring, and add the web component to your site! 💫

Check out the available resources including a freshly launched plugin, and be sure to bookmark/add 11ty.Rocks to your RSS feed for future posts!

Visit 11ty.Rocks >

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Brian Rinaldi

This is awesome Stephanie. Not sure if it is something you'd want to include but I'm hosting a free workshop on 11ty in a few weeks. The recording will be available at the same URL when it is over.

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Stephanie Eckles

Hey Brian - thanks for the promo on Twitter!

I'll have to think about adding "events" in the future, so we'll see!

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James Grubb

Hi, thanks for this resource. I love eleventy but I'm struggling getting my head around navigation. I have a site in progress with some pages created dynamically and others statically. I have attempted to use a navigation plugin but it seems like you need to hard code key: values into the front matter? I don't know a way of consolidating my statically created and dynamically created pages into one list of nav items? Hope that makes sense. I wondered if you had any advice or had seen any good tutorials on the subject. Thank you in advance. James

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11ty is amazing ...

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Xavier Brinon

Let's revive webrings !

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Ben Halpern