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What to Choose Between Gridsome and NUXTJS

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A quick comparison of the most popular Vue.js frameworks

Gridsome and Nuxtjs are the most popular Vue.js frameworks at this time and will certainly be throughout 2020.

Today many people and companies prefer to start using Vue.js from one of these frameworks.

Why start from a framework?

The main reason is that these frameworks already have a lot of preset configurations and are easy to use.

Let’s see an example

If you have already used Vue.js, you know that to create a Single-page Application you also need to include Vue Router and make the necessary configurations, Gridsome and Nuxtjs automatically generate the vue-router configuration simply based on your file tree.
This is only one of the simplifications provided by these frameworks.

If you want to discover the main differences, continue reading the article on Medium πŸ‘‡

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Nice post! Personally love both Gridsome and Nuxt.


Lots of people probably don't have medium subscription so they might not be able to read it. I am oen of them not able to read it.


that's why i added friend link in the comments