Which GraphQL client do you use, and why?

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In one of my side projects, I'm currently using Apollo Client, but I'm starting to find writing the code to update the cache after a query or mutation rather cumbersome. I'm thinking about switching to Relay, which, if I understand things correctly, handles a lot of that for you, in exchange to some restrictions it imposes on your schema.

So I'd like to hear from more people which client you're using and why. I'm also interested in any tools you're using, like code generators or utility libraries, to reduce boilerplate code.

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You should change the title from "... GraphQL query..." to "...GraphQL query client..." also you should use jraph. It is not feature-complete, and only makes queries.


Derp, I messed up on the title, thanks for noticing. Will check out jraph.


no problem! Let me know what you think of jraph :-)


Why do you need to manually update the cache?

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