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Improve Your Productivity!

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Why Productivity?

When I started coding, I didn’t even think of implementing these productivity habits but now after following these habits, I am happy for maintaining effective programming in my workflow.

If you want to see the best/improved version of yourself then you need to take some steps and make habits of doing something which helps you to be productive.

But how?

The following 6 tips would help you to be more productive programmer.

These tips are not just for programmers but are also useful for any person who wanna be productive in studying/working.

1. Structure your day

Having a well structured planned day is the main key for productivity. When you don't plan your day then you won't be as productive as a person who had planned their day.

If you think you have lots of free time and can remember what things to do at what time then you are wrong. If you plan your day then you would have less or no time for non-productivity stuffs and wouldn't rather tend to waste time.

2. Write down the tasks

Break your tasks for the day into small chunks and write it on a sheet of paper. Mark it as done when you complete that relevant task(don't lie to yourself).

Believe me, you are gonna be happy when you mark your task as done and would be even more happier when you see that all the tasks has been marked as done at the end of the day.

3. Take regular breaks

The most important thing to be productive is to take regular breaks because it helps your brain to be relaxed for some time.

Don't over work because it causes burnout and loss of ambition. Studying/Working for long hours would be necessary but not at a stretch and that would be less efficient if you don't take breaks.

Customize your timing preferences like work for 25 mins and take 5 mins break or work for 45 mins and take 15 mins break(I follow the first routine).

4. Stay healthy

You need to take care of what you eat because you are not gonna be a body builder who can burn calories by doing hardcore workouts.

Do regular exercise for at least 30 mins or more which essentially helps your body being fit for the day. Start doing 30(10 reps x 3 times) push ups, 45(15 reps x 3 times) crunches and some of stretching/bending exercises.

Remember to stay hydrated which would help you to concentrate while programming. It doesn't sound like a big habit, so take a bottle of water and stay hydrated when you work/study.

The toughest habit for a programmer who loves to code is to get minimum 7 hrs of sleep. When you take care about your sleep, you would realize that taking descent amount of rest is as essential as working.

5. Minimize distractions

Cut down the time on checking social media, news or on games which would decrease your overall productivity and hinders your focus.

Set limitations on using your mobile and turn off the notifications. Listen to music(if it helps you) while coding and it will keep you away from all your distractions from the world.

Keep yourself isolated from others and create a peaceful work environment. Look at some apps like ZEN mode which will turn off the data usage on social media for certain amount of time(you can set it manually) on all the social media apps.


In the world of programming, things keep on changing frequently. If you want to stay updated with new technologies and trends then you need to give some time for learning.

Don't get complacent just because you have learnt something and can work only on that. Keep your passion for what you do and learn something new by sparing time.

Learning new things would not only increase the possibility of getting job based on your technology but it would also keep you in the learning state of mind.

That's it from this post. If you liked it then do share this post with your friends or people who wanna get into programming world. Thank You!


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