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Aashish Panthi
Aashish Panthi

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Funny JavaScript frameworks - You don't know about

We all know the dominance of JavaScript frameworks/libraries in web development and other fields too. At the same time, developers try to make cool js libraries and somehow they end up making funny libraries. Or, they intentionally make those.

And here are some of the funny javascript libraries that actually exits:

1. Fart.js

jsfart website

They say, "Add the most natural sound on earth to your pages."

It was created 7 years ago on 2014. You can use this library if you want natural sound of fart😂. And you can also contribute to this library here 😏.

2. Thanos.js

Thanosjs website

It reduces the size of your project by half with just a snap.

Well, you are here to read about weirdest libraries. So I've something for you, It reduces the file size of your project down to 50%, by randomly deleting half of the files😆. Needless to say, this JavaScript tool isn’t intended for serious use.

3. FuckItJs

Fuckitjs github

FuckItJS make all bugs and error messages instantly go away.

It repeatedly compiles your code, detect errors, and slices those lines out of the script through a process known as Eval-Rinse-Reload-And-Repeat. If your bugs aren't solving then you can use this to feel good.

Pro tip: Don't use it in production environment😆.

4. Vaporjs

Vaporjs github

It is the most flexible javascript framework on the web.

It doesn't limit your creativity by forcing you to follow an approach that doesn’t fit your style (like many other framework does) and way of thinking. And you can learn in in just few seconds cause it contains exactly zero lines of code😂.

5. ComCastifyjs

Comcastify slow image loading

Slow down loading your website's images 😆

If you have optimized website and it loads faster but you want your users to experience how images used to load with a dial-up internet connection then you can use comcastify. Go here and experience the image loading experience.

That's it for now, if you know more of them then please let me know, cause I enjoy, I mean I really enjoy😆.

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Aashish Panthi

Actually, you did this whole thing 😲.
Apreciate it man and framework is also cool. :)

aashishpanthi profile image
Aashish Panthi

Is that a javascript framework ?

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Tertius Geldenhuys

Please add three.js

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Aashish Panthi

Yeah, it is so awesome but it is not that weird to get included :)