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Pillars for defining an efficient learning technique

Below are a few pillars upon which you can base your learning journey. Not just applicable for students. Parents and teachers can use them to create a learning mindset in children.

The Pillars

  1. Everything is a game
    • growth mindset - intelligence and capabilities can grow
    • locus of control - internal (you are in control of your life's outcomes) vs external (your life's outcomes depend on external factors like fate)
    • if you believe you are in control of your life, you believe that you can improve your skills rather than blaming external factors
    • you are a player in a game who gains XP with each challenge
    • and the player makes multiple efforts to grow to the next level
  2. Feynman Technique
    • To understand something well, you need to be able to teach it.
    • good way to learn and test your knowledge
    • be able to answer questions about it
    • do not hide behind jargons - use simple terms to explain concepts
    • take notes in a way that is shareable to others (or create a blog like me)
  3. Trunk based knowledge
    • start from the root - fundamentals
    • build a knowledge tree where the root is ever-relevant and even if the leaves become irrelevant in short-term, it is easier to learn something new because of your strong root knowledge
    • makes it easier to adapt to the future
  4. Efficiency trumps grit
    • improve work efficiency and avoid working too hard
    • being busy all the time indicates bad time management skills and does not necessarily indicate that you are good at something

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Happy Learning!!

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