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Andrew Bonacci
Andrew Bonacci

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Team Work!

Make It Happen Together.

Over this past weekend, I spent some time with fellow developers from our mentorship program at Perpetual Education. Together we talked about projects we were working on and helped each other by checking for code errors and potential areas of improvement. What I enjoyed the most about this was the open-mindedness that everyone on the team had. We shared laughs along the way as we worked to improve our projects.

This is one critical aspect that is reinforced throughout the Perpetual Education curriculum. In addition to having lots of opportunities to talk with our mentor, Derek, we also have opportunities to work with each other. Team work is further practiced through our daily stand-up, which is used by developers to share what they’ve been working on, what they’re assigned and if there are any problems or concerns encountered.

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Learn From Each Other.

Let’s face it: no one achieves great things completely on their own. On our life’s journey, we encounter people who help us along the way. As developers, it’s vital that we take the time not only to learn on our own, but also to learn from each other. I am enamored with the amount of things that I am learning in my mentorship from everyone involved. Every day I am challenged to think about web development with a fresh perspective. No matter how far along we are, there is always something new to learn.



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