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Cloud computing or Blockchain

Tl;dr Want to specialize in a new field. Cannot decide between Cloud or Blockchain.

Let's start with a little bit of background about myself.
I am a final year student in studying Computer Engineering. Over the past year, I have gotten into web development and have been learning full stack development. I think I have got a pretty good grasp of concepts specializing in frontend ReactJS.

I won't claim to be expert or even good at any of these. I just have gotten my hands dirty with each, got comfortable and done a few side projects on my own.

Working on front end is something I enjoy but I feel I haven't found my true calling and with things moving so fast, I don't want to miss out on things. It might just be FOMO(fear of missing out) but I do want to get my hands dirty with both - but let's start out with one.

I'm not totally new to Cloud- I have worked with some Virtual instances fire up, run a web server. I'm particularly fascinated with containers and want to try that out next on cloud and also other stuff it has to offer but the sheer amount of things it has to offer paralyze me.

The blockchain hype is surreal. It is everywhere and since it isn't mature so well there might not be so much to learn (not as much as cloud anyways I hope). I have been listening to some talks to get a general overview about what it is and it is something I want to be part of. I think the idea is pretty cool (even though currently most popular use is being used for scams, NFT and rug pulls). I think it has potential and want to give it a go.

I am a final year student(currently giving final exams - just got easy electives remaining). I also have a part time job (remote - full time after exams) as React developer so I cannot pursue both or progress as fast (want to maintain work-life balance).
I don't want to get stuck (maintaining legacy codes, developing on merge conflicts). I just need someone to guide to guide or if possible perhaps be a mentor. At the very least, I need someone to clarify and help me choose one.

Thanks a lot!

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