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Background Music for Coding for Every Taste🎶

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The right background music can boost our concentration. But chill and lo-fi beats won’t satisfy every taste. What makes this music playlist compilation unique is that I’ll share my favorite playlists of epic, Celtic, hard rock, metal and electronicore music. Put your handphones on and explore.

Lo-Fi and Trip-Hop Beats

freeCodeCamp 24/7 Radio

freecodecamp radio

freeCodeCamp is one of the largest developer communities that offers free coding courses with certifications. Beyond that, it has its own 24/7 music stream without ads. You are most likely to hear low-fi and trip-how tunes that create the right rhythm to catch the flow state.

lofi hip hop radio — beats to relax/study to

This 24/7 YouTube radio has 8,2 million subscribers and most of us came across this girl from the video at least once. Reddit users even launched ‘Lo-fi girl challenge’ that prompted Reddit’s best anime artists to draw her in their own style or country. Back to the topic, this radio broadcasts lo-fi music that is both stress-relieving and focus-sharpening.

Chillhop Music

If you feel tired of wondering how soon the Lo-Fi girl will finish her homework, you can listen to the lo-fi sounds on the second popular YouTube lo-fi and chill beats channel. Listen to the curated jazzy and chill music on YouTube or Spotify.

Epic Instrumental Music

THERE IS A HERO IN US | Epic Music Mix

This playlist is meant for epic music lovers who like Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps From Hell and other soundtrack music that gives you the shudders and makes you feel like a savior of the world. It has no ads, so nothing will disturb your heroic coding quest.

4-Hours Epic Celtic Mix | World’s Most Powerful & Beautiful Music (Adrian von Ziegler)

This playlist combines 4 hours of beautiful Celtic music that reminds me of the TES V: Skyrim soundtrack and its tavern music. Have you ever practiced coding listening to medieval vibes? It’s a sign from Talos.

Fantasy Bard/Tavern Music Compilation

This playlist is a compilation of medieval fantasy bard and tavern music with lyrics(!) from Dragon Age, WoW, The TES series, The Witcher games and more. Greetings, coding traveler, have a seat around the fire.

Hard Rock, Metal and Electronicore Playlists

Ultimate Hard Rock/Metal Mix Playlist

Now you know that you grew your hair out for a reason. Melodic guitar riffs without vocals for a kick-ass coding session. Please, be aware that this video has ads (use AdBlock for uninterrupted experience).

Ultimate Heavy Metal Hard Rock Step Unthinking Songs For Work, Gym, Study

Now everyone listens to lo-fi and trip-hop tunes in the background. If you want to get energized and rock through the day, you’ll enjoy this heavy metal playlist without ads and lyrics. Headbang your coding!

Aggressive Music Mix | Electronicore, Metalstep, Industrial

Celldweller and industrial music lovers will enjoy this one. Think of it as metal and dubstep in a single music genre. Be ready for ads — download an AdBlocker extension.

If I overlooked one of your favorite genres of background music — please, leave your request in the comments and I’ll add the music to the list. I’m also curious about your favorite groups, artists, sources of background music for coding — you are also welcome to share these.

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tfantina profile image
Travis Fantina

came to say this, I've been listening to this a ton since they launched a few weeks ago.

salvimateus profile image
Mateus Salvi

came to say this too

brunotdantas profile image
Bruno Dantas

Wow! Loved your tip ;)

design2code profile image

Thank you for this... Freaken awesome.

hdenizd profile image

damn, this is amazing! thank you for sharing this

zerolife profile image
Andrew Abraham

Thanks!! This is awesome.

dopamaxe profile image
Tyler Arrigoni

I haven't been seen a site this fresh and original in so long. What a fun app to write.

nandoblanco profile image

I can't share this playlist enough, been listening to it heavy lately. it hits the spots when you need some hip hop beats without the crappy lyrics

ritaoportunity profile image

nice, I love it! would have never thought of it myself

thalitadev profile image
Thalita G.

Hmm, I occasionally listen to chillhop whenever I'm suddenly possessed by the chillhop gods or something. 😂 I mainly listen to jazz, ambient, breakcore, and whatever album I feel like listening to at the moment. I also specifically love this instrumental math rock playlist and can't find anything quite like it. :) It's just so weirdly happy for a math rock playlist.

luvejo profile image
Luis Velásquez

Didn't know about Epic Instrumental. My bookmarks say thank you.

I would add three more:


Witch House

And, of course:

Mac Quayle's Mr. Robot Soundtrack

hekitakai profile image
Hekitakai • Edited

Nice list. I will definitely listen to Celtic and fantasy list. Lo-fi is great, but sometimes too distracting, so I see these missing:

  • ambient
  • binaural beat

And a bit of personal preference:

  • synth wave / chill wave
  • chip tune
n_develop profile image
Lars Richter

Great tips! Thank you.
I like "Music to Code by" by Carl Franklin. He created Pomodoro-sized (25 minutes) tracks that help you focus. But it's important to mention, that it's not free. It's $19.99 for 21 tracks (almost 9 hours of music). I think it's a fair deal.

And one special tip if you are "bug-hunting". You should definitely check out "The Mission" by Jail Job Eve. It's a song about a headhunter on a mission. The lyrics are just perfect for finding and fixing bugs. 😄

thelifeisyours profile image

I usually go for no vocals deep house music, the similar beat between songs helps me not focus on the music. Usually I get caught up on the details in a song, be it simple repeating lyrics, but house music I can have going in the background for hours.

xavierdeschard profile image

Thank for this and all the links...
I like to listen to hardcore or industrial techno, it helps me to focus while coding. I almost only listen to this kind of music while I am working, I am usually less hardcore... 😅
My main source of hardcore techno is a YouTube channel from Berlin :
3 or 4 DJs are doing a one hour mix each day, you can found all kind of DJ so you can skip if it is not your thing...

cblte profile image

Thank you. Only showing a minimal subset of what is available, it is a nice list with nice channels.

Personally I prefer much more voice less audio and try to a avoid YouTube. Which reminds me to write up a list of channels outside of YouTube.

__manucodes profile image
manu • Edited

Check out code-fi. Made by AMP channel

heatherw profile image
Heather Williams • Edited

I'm old school: classical music is often the perfect thing for me. But sometimes I end up listening to a wide array of other things all depending on the task. Norse folk music ( and the likes) can be really good at times. :)

And of course epic music (two steps from hell and the likes) is perfect for going on bug killing quests with.

sesamemucho profile image
Bob Forgey

For coding, I like silence. If I can't get that, I prefer music that's undistracting yet somewhat energetic. I found some on (for instance, But, I don't know German, and I'm not very familiar with current genres. Can anyone suggest how I can find more music like this?

graymandev profile image
Gabriel González

I have found the playlist Dark Academia Classical of spotify helps me get things done (both studying and coding)

The playlist features multiple composers from different eras: Chopin, Beethoven, Satie, Haendel Mozart, Bach, etc. I like most of them, but I can't stand Eiunaudi. Maybe you will love him and truth be told, his music is great for setting up a focused mindset.

here's the link:

irekbudzowski profile image
Ireneusz Budzowski

While coding, I really like listening to epic music. Here is my playlist, over 24h carefully selected music:

gsdev profile image

This was recently released on producthunt: