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didi - Tech Demo Video

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett ・1 min read

As an experiment, I have just recorded a rough and ready technical demo for my open source project, didi - (trying to build a community and contributors). I am itching to share what it can do at this early stage.

This is just a practice screencast - its raw and probably not great, I missed out a lot of key points. but lets upload the video and see if I can write a script off the back of it.

Being transparent with your community is important even if you're terrified.

Like I said, terrifying.

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Convert a project from common JS to ESmodules, with included bundler-like / task runner behaviour.

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A transpiler for JavaScript and Typescript, transforming CommonJS modules into distinct ES Modules

Who uses didi?

Frontend and deno developers will find didi useful.

Try it out.

didi is not ready for production but you can still try it out.

npm install -g @didi-js/didi-cli

# or

yarn global add @didi-js/didi-cli

Create a project an entry file, some installed node_modules and then require the browser dependency into your entry file using the base specifier.

const colorThief = require('colorThief'); // base specifier example, no paths needed

run didi path/to/example-project

The result should have output a new target directory within this example-project and also a server should have started on http://localhost:8086. You may see some console errors in the browser, this is normal for this stage.

You may also notce that your import looks like this:

import colorThief from "color-thief"; // still no path? what wizardry


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Problems that I can see

  • you are watching a blank terminal for a really long time.
  • I could probably give you something to look at like a webcam?
  • didi is useful for frontend and deno, how.
  • why is this approach better than bundles on HTTP2 and the future.
  • how can you contribute
  • can this be made more interesting with slides and music
  • I could have more energy when I talk
  • I didn't tell the story behind the problem I wanted to solve
  • didi generated project is a blank white page unbranded. Probably should fix that.