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Name this software, opinion needed.

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett ・1 min read

didi community (6 Part Series)

1) Name this software, opinion needed. 2) Didi - Help me choose a logo 3 ... 4 3) 🌟 Review my open source repository 🌟 4) What to release and when? 5) Best options to translate software 6) Update #1 - didi - docs, website and more!

I'm working on something called Unpack, this is a provisional name that hopefully explains that is unbundles common JS to ESM and builds a front end without bundles (working prototype in repo, not sharing today). However I would like Unpack to be the Deno of the front end and also help the Deno comunity to convert common.js to es_modules so I have thought of another name which would lead to similar branding to Deno.


What do you think? Didi is a smaller dinosaur 🦖.

I suspect that Deno got it's branding from libuv anyways.


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didi sounds cool! You could even make it a mascot in the future. "Didi the little Déballer" :P


I love this idea because I get to keep Unpack but potentially change the name on the future. Didi sounds like a baby teradadactile roaring rainbows.



Something like this. not sure.

Not bad for an early draft, looks kinda cute already :)


Very deno like version. Sorry to keep posting on this thread. I shall have to open a post about copying branding and where to draw the line.

No problem, I'm quite into this :) Love helping with this kinda stuff.

Yup, it's quite deno-like, although not excessively IMO. It's a good idea for a post, I would love to see what people have to say.


Didi means elder sister in Hindi
(Pronunciation: deedee, But I've seen it written like didi)

I kinda like the name didi


That makes sense due to the browser being older. Totally meant to do that 🤦‍♂️


I like didi too - When my kids were smaller, my daughter would call my son didi because she couldnt quite say Dylan.


You could copy what they do in the Vue.js ecosystem and just use the French translation?

Unpack - Déballer

"didi" is really adorable though!


Love it! Will do 🇫🇷



From naked, which is the result of being "unpacked". And Deno is only an acronym of node, just like nekad us an acronym of naked


I will try to encorpote that into the 'marketing' but I want to follow the Deno theme not so much copy.


I do think that didi is a good name, go for it!