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Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett

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What to release and when?

I have a classic mono repo with some packages, I work on a given branch as a whole repository. Each time a feature or bug is worked on. The main repository is versionless because it is not actually a piece of software, it is instead an organization of source code. All distributed code atually originates from a compiled language and is output into it's respective git sub module, the outcome is a distribution of each package in its own separate distribution repository.

When I ceckout branch #64-feature-on-package-x
I bumb the version of the package or packages I have worked on.

Here's where things get tricky in my head. Do I then release this package by heading over to master and hitting publishing to npm? Because my packages are designed to work independently, for example a cli calls a library but the library can be called with a custom front end. I would imagine the library should be released first then the cli.

The result may be internally we have a nice incremtial versioning on each package but thr dist code skipping minor versions and never being released, is this okay?

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Scott Simontis

Send it!

Would you be willing to link? I'd be curious to see what you have created.

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Adam Crockett