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What to learn in 2020 as a web developer?

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Hey there DEV.to community!

Since the new year is close I thought this can be a great post in which I can share you my suggestions and predictions about web development world.

Here I will list some programming languages or technologies (which their order doesn't matter) followed by some reasons of why I think they are in this list.

Let's get started.

Go lang

1. GO Lang

Go is gaining a huge community and was on the best programming languages list of 2019 on StackOverflow.

Go is actually really fast and since it is a statically-typed language it will help you learn coding in a more advanced if you haven't already.

Go is very similar to C by some concepts so if you are familiar with C you can pick up Go really fast.

I myself will try to use Go in some of my projects and will share you the experience and result.

Actually there is an online taxi service app in Iran called Snapp which as far as I know is written in Go.


2. JavaScript

Well, JavaScript is to repetitive to be in such lists but it deserves it to be honest.

JavaScript has a huge (the biggest I think XD) community and thousands of packages ready for you.

JavaScript I believe is one of the best programming languages to start with in case you want to start to learn programming languages just now.

JavaScript is used on both client-side and server-side so literally you can save yourself some time if you learn JavaScript.


3. Vue.js

Vue.js is now a popular front-end framework and gathered a really big environment around itself and now there are lots of components ready on npm for you to use along with your Vue.js app.

Vue.js will help you use JavaScript along with HTML more efficiently.

BTW you can see some more details about Vue.js in my article below:


4. React

React is a great library used to render front-end elements and help you build interactive user interfaces.

React also has a huge community behind it and is one of the most loved libraries amongst JavaScript developers.

Although I don't like React that much but using it was a pleasant experience.


5. MongoDB

For a while it was SQL database which were really popular but with the appearance of MongoDB it totally changed let's say.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database with really fast response time which is perfectly suitable for real-time applications.

Though MongoDB is not going to take over MySQL but they are going to get along indeed it is still good to learn MongoDB due to lots of job opportunities.


6. Express.js

Express.js is a great back-end framework written in JavaScript which is really suitable for RESTful services and can also be used for full stack development.

It is fast to learn and the learning curve is really easy.

It will also help you understand how a web server works.


7. PHP

Last but not least, PHP is still one of the most popular programming languages used to build websites and web applications.

Learning PHP is easy and really fun.

Learning PHP will give you lots of job opportunities since lots of websites are built on top of PHP using many popular frameworks like Laravel or Symfony.

BTW read my article below about how it felt to be back from Node.js to PHP after a while:


Below are the technologies mentioned by other people and I'm adding them below since they think they deserve to be here.


8. Flutter

Flutter is a framework used to build native mobile apps made by Google. This framework is using Dart programming language made by Google as well.

By using this framework you save yourself sometime by building both Android and iOS apps at the same time and you will only be working with one language comparing to other frameworks like React Native or NativeScript which they use almost three languages including HTML(JSX)/CSS and JavaScript, you don't need to know Java/Kotlin or Swift/Objective-C either!

Flutter is also capable of building web apps but this is not a famous thing right now but it can be the next big thing in few years.


9. TypeScript

TypeScript is a great programming language built on top of JavaScript. It makes JavaScript more delicious and more enjoyable to work with.

TypeScript will help you write more standard code (let's say) and will give you the power of data types in JavaScript.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which means your already-written JavaScript is a valid TypeScript as well, and you can learn TypeScript really fast if you already know JavaScript.

Lots of dev teams are working with TypeScript so it can be a great CV if you'd have TypeScript in it.

.NET Core

10. .NET Core

People suggested two Microsoft technologies in a row! Microsoft is gaining its popularity back amongst open source developers!

.NET core is an open-source, cross-platform framework used for web or desktop development.

Something cool is that you can use C#, VB or F# as your programming language when using .NET Core. C# is mostly used I believe in this case and it is a very powerful language as well.

@theonlybeardedbeast says: "Learning C# allowed me to jump into typescript or flutter (dart) development without a steep learning curve."

Semantic UI

11. Semantic UI

Well actually I just remembered this one so I decided to add to the list!

Semantic UI is a great CSS framework with a very polished look and feel. I've used it with Vue and React (which Semantic UI has libraries for both of them) and it was really awesome. It is also customizable.

I prefer this over Bootstrap to be honest.

Please let me know if you have any better listing to add to this.

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I'm Adnan Babakan and I'm from Iran. I started programming since I was 8 and now I'm 19. I love programming!


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This twitt is awesome LOL


php is here but not .net core, that's barbaric.


I'm really interested in knowing what are your reasons for this. Send me your reasons and I will insert them into the list.
Thanks for your comment TheOnlyBeardedBeast!


I agree with the technologies you mentioned (in most cases) in the article, but the most of the times I always see the same list again and again without .net core or c#. So why would I pick .net core over php, it is simple c#. Why c# makes a good choice for 2020, it allowed me to jump into typescript or flutter (dart) development without a steep learning curve. Nice syntax, multiplatform, multithreading, IoT, machinelearning, opensource... It was really hard for me to go back from .net core to Laravel for a short period of time and I really loved Laravel back in the time. Even a lot of companies I am in contact are trying or already kicked php out of their stack. But it is not really about php vs c#, I just miss .net core from almost every article.

I believe .NET is a great framework but also believe it is hard to learn. At least harder than PHP or Laravel to be more precise. The hardness of deploying a .NET application comparing to PHP is another reason why I didn't mention it in the list. I do agree with you why the lists are all the same and maybe that is because usually all the programmers are thinking the same. But thanks for you suggestion I will add .NET core to the list.

Check out the deployment, like for a php app, you can buy just buy a shared hosting for .net, build the app and then upload it over ftp and if you are using visual studio you can then just setup a deployment profile and then hit the deploy button. So it is not much harder then working with php.

Oh nice. I didn't know that.
BTW the post got updated check it out!

It is really nice to see that change. Thanks. Merry Xmass.

Merry Christmas to you as well. BTW in Iran we don't have Christmas. XD
We use a different calendar system. LOL

I've been using dokku for my smaller projects, so just need to set up a git remote and a dockerfile, pretty damned easy. .Net Core, node, Python, go... All about the same to me.


If you're using React, seriously consider the material-ui component library. Hands down my favorite by far.


I really had good time with it but check also React Suite is really great also


Thanks for your comment Ryan.
It seems a cool library.


Typescript is the single most important web-related language. It makes JavaScript programming feel barbaric. Not sure how it isn't on this list.


You are absolutely right.
After writing the post I was wondering why I didn't put TypeScript in the list already.
I will add it!


I just started reading the article then I saw that you've mentioned about Snapp. "Oh he's Iranian", I said. Then I scrolled up and saw your name "Oh he's my classmate". 😂
Nice list though.


Who are you BTW?


Ali Shamsalizadeh
We're classmates in physics & Persian :D


Left one of the most important innovations... Blazor


Hey Guillermo!
Yes I'm aware of Blazor and cannot wait to see it on real usage. But the point is it is using Web Assembly and it is not that much supported by people yet, and I wanted to suggest more stable things here which are already supported.
Thanks for your comment.


Blazor is ready for production in one of their models (Server Model) which uses SignalR to update UI. Web Assembly on the other side is used on the Client version for Blazor, which is already in beta.

Oh nice.
Thanks for sharing these info with me.


Good list. With current state of the web, 2020 seems to be more evolution than revolution so sticking to the well-known technologies is a good option.


Hey there Meat Boy.
Yes 2020 is more of year of evolution rather than revolution.
Using already almost-stabilized technologies is what prefer over using newly arrived technologies. Of course I love to learn them but using them in an enterprise application is too risky.


I think PostCSS and Webpack are great to learn also!


I have to confess I might have missed it. I will add to the list for sure.