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5 UX Interactions I Hate that Work in Business

User Experience is something I take very seriously, especially after having made systems that need to be utilised within seconds with workflows for health and medicine where those things are crucial.

So when I see UX that fundamentally tries to stop people from achieving their goals, or practices that seem counter-intuitive to growing an audience and making money, it drives me a little insane.

In this latest video, I go over just 5 of the things that frustrate me when it comes to bad user experiences that seem to be adopted by a large number of businesses and seem to effectively work for them.

These 5 include:

  1. Unable to view a websites content until you signup to their newsletter
  2. Disabling your AdBlocker in order to view content
  3. Sharing or Liking a Twitter/Facebook page before downloading resources
  4. Requesting me to accept push notifications without my permission every time I visit the page
  5. Having a countdown to purchase a product.

These are just a few of the ones that bug me but seem to be working for a heap of organisations, like Medium, Forbes, and Airliners.

What are some of the things that you find as terrible user experiences on websites but know deep down inside, probably drive lots of customer acquisitions and sales?

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Adrian Twarog

Having to recently book some flights, I was inspired to make this video because of the flight countdowns for price guarantees really frustrated me!