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Convince Your Boss to Pay for Coding Courses

While learning to code is important to get a job, keeping up with your learning after you get that position can lead to things like pay rises, higher positions, and even the chance to grow outside of your skillset/department.

If we are lucky enough to be in a position of employment, we should seek to ask our current employers/bosses to help us develop our skills further. The result of doing so leads to a number of benefits not just for us, but for them too. In this video, I wanted to share some ways you can encourage your current company to pay for coding courses for you.


  • Bring up the idea of learning more and improving with your boss
  • Create an email to formalise this request
  • Review different course that is in line with the company requirements
  • Be realistic about the costs and budget for training, and forward a few examples
  • Organise an in-person meeting with your boss to request learning
  • Review your companies policies as larger companies often include professional development as something to boost employees skills
    Youtube: Convince Your Boss to Pay for Coding Courses

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Brandin Chiu

I'd add to your list to look into regional and national grant opportunities to help smaller employers fund your professional development.

In Canada for example, we have provincial and federal programs that will offset sometimes up to 100% of the costs of courses as long as they provide some certificate.

Other countries will likely have similar programs to be taken advantage of.